Semesta Indonesia is committed to help the locals

It has always been more than just a business for us! 10% of our profit will be allocated to educate youth and like-minded Indonesians to learn about entrepreneurship and export industry.

One of our goals is to help micro and small enterprises, local entrepreneurs, farmers, crafter & fishermen to market their products abroad. We also educate them with skills and knowledge to increase the quality and capacity to meet the International standard.

We believe that Semesta Indonesia will benefit a lot of people, develop the economy of locals & provide high quality products and services to the world. We want to introduce what and where Indonesia is. We are rich of natural sources and the world needs to know that!

When you come to us, we get things done✔️

If you are Indonesian, wherever you are, Join our movement! Let’s Introduce Indonesia to the world!

If you are International clients looking for a good company to get Indonesian product and service, Join our wave!

Hit us up anytime, we would try our best to help you.

#SemestaIndonesia #charity #Indonesia #Indonesiaexport #Commodity #Agriculture

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