About Semesta Indonesia

How it started

Semesta Indonesia (CV. Semesta Indonesia Abadi) is founded in 2019 by Irena Audila to help local farmers selling their products to local customers. However, she was upset by how agricultural products are undervalued due to many intermediate between the source and the buyer. Farmers are not getting fair price when the harvest season starts. Often, they make little to no profit because the products are not well compensated locally. Therefore, armed with limited knowledge and sources, she started to market local produce to the international market. The response was not always positive, but we were never give up. It took a lot of effort and adjustment from our side to get in the game. Overtime, our hard work paid off. Now, Semesta Indonesia is known as a respectable Indonesian export company. Our job is never done, in 2021, we want to do something bigger, and more importantly, use our business as a force for positive change in Indonesia and to the world.

For us, Semesta Indonesia is about giving fair price to the local farmers, yet still providing high quality product with competitive prices. Our goal is to scale globally and leaving a legacy of positive impact. We would like to Introduce more of Indonesia to the world, that we more than ‘just’ and Indonesia can!

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