Semesta Indonesia Export Indonesian Garment in 2021!

Do you know that 30 percent of Indonesia’s total textile and garment production is to meet domestic demand with the remainder for exports to mainly the U.S. (36%), Middle East (23%), EU (13%), and China (5%)?1 We are always evolved. This year, Semesta Indonesia is dedicated to contribute in garment industry. For the past years,Continue reading “Semesta Indonesia Export Indonesian Garment in 2021!”

Semesta Indonesia is committed to help the locals

It has always been more than just a business for us! 10% of our profit will be allocated to educate youth and like-minded Indonesians to learn about entrepreneurship and export industry. One of our goals is to help micro and small enterprises, local entrepreneurs, farmers, crafter & fishermen to market their products abroad. We alsoContinue reading “Semesta Indonesia is committed to help the locals”